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Motorcycle Vinyl Wrap

Years of experience executing Quality Wraps for cars, bikes and 4x4 utes


Wrap Innovations is the gold standard for car wrapping services in New Zealand.

YOur ideal

Motorcycle vinyl wrap

This is your opportunity to bring out the best in your favourite two-wheeler. Motorcycle wraps are a delicate job, but once you see the final result, there’s nothing else that compares.

If you aren’t 100% satisfied with the factory paint on your bike, we’ll work with you towards achieving an ideal result that’ll look as good on the roads as it does in the showroom. Make some heads turn and stand out from the crowd with a custom bike wrap to suit your personality.

What is a

Motorbike WRAP?

Motorcycle wrapping is a way of changing the look of your bike without the need for a complicated and expensive paint job. Motorcycle wraps are similar to car wraps, but on a smaller scale. Bikes require precise measurements and application to make the wrap look just right.

Your motorbike vinyl wrap can be installed quickly and easily by our adept and attentive team. The wrap acts like a second skin, giving the appearance of a new paint job but also protecting your original paint work, giving you the aesthetic excellence your bike deserves. The wrap is also totally removable, giving you a fresh start when you want to sell or change colour. With a huge amount of shades and finishes to choose from, we can literally transform your ride into a unique eye-catching masterpiece. You’ll have a unique colour scheme with the added benefit of protecting your original paint work.

After bmw F700 process finish 2 copy 3 - Wrap Innovations - Car Wrap, Blackout, Window Tinting Specialist Wellington
AVP 4942 copy - Wrap Innovations - Car Wrap, Blackout, Window Tinting Specialist Wellington



Wrap Innovations supplies colours from world leading vinyl companies. With over 300+ possible colours for your bike. our finishes range from gloss, satin, matte, metallic, chrome, brushed metal, extreme texture and special effects. If you’d like to preview a colour before committing to your bike wrap, book an appointment with us and come see them for yourself.

THe real difference between

Wrapping vs Painting

  • Aftermarket re-painting will depreciate the resale value of your vehicle. 
  • Tired and want to change the colour of your leased vehicle? No problem. 
  • Your vehicle didn’t come in the colour you wanted? No problem. 
  • Takes up to 1-2 weeks to paint versus only 1-2 days to wrap. 
  • Wraps are more durable and serve as deflector from road debris, weathering, wear and tear. 
  • Preserves your original factory paint. 
  • Custom stripes/decals or wrapping interior parts is far more effective and removal is a breeze.
  • Avoid common painting problems such as fading, flaking, dry spray, runs, fish eyes, and orange peel. 
  • We offer quality wrap brands you can trust and count on such as 3m, Avery, and Hexis. 
  • A high-quality vehicle wrap will be less expensive than any high-quality paint job, guaranteed. 
  • Achieve impressive results like coloured chrome & brushed metal finishes that paint simply can’t do.

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